Dec 10 2013

Does Chronic BV Cause Infertility

Does chronic bv cause infertility? This is becoming a far more frequently asked question by women contemplating getting pregnant, and even more so by women who have been trying to do so with no success. It is quite depressing to hear stories about women in their late twenties or thirties trying to conceive a baby …

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Dec 08 2013

Preventing Chronic BV With Lifestyle Changes

Today I want to concentrate on preventing chronic BV with lifestyle changes. There are many steps you can take that will help you prevent chronic BV. Here are some of them. Take Showers, Not Baths Yes, I know it can feel relaxing to soak in a tub of warm water after a long hard day. …

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Dec 06 2013

Persistent BV Treatment

Do you have a BV infection that is so stubborn it never really goes away? It just keeps cycling through almost cured but not quite and then back to bad again? If so, you need persistent BV treatment to get permanent relief from your BV infection. I first need to give you a list of …

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Dec 04 2013

Chronic BV While Pregnant

It seems like we are hearing more and more stories everyday about pregnant women who are losing their babies due to some sort of infection. It almost seems like an epidemic in fact. If a woman has chronic BV while pregnant, she is at a much higher risk of losing her baby than a woman …

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Dec 02 2013

What Are Chronic BV Symptoms

What are chronic BV symptoms? The symptoms you can detect at home are different than what your doctor may test you for if you make an appointment. The most common symptoms of BV is a grayish white discharge, often accompanied by a very noticeable foul fishy odor. This odor may be even stronger after sexual …

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Nov 30 2013

Are You a Chronic BV Sufferer

What’s the profile of a chronic BV sufferer? A woman who gets BV infections all the time… recurring BV infections, in some cases almost every month, although it doesn’t have to be every month. If a woman gets three or more BV infections a year, she could be considered a considered a chronic BV sufferer. …

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Nov 28 2013

Chronic BV Solutions My Mother Taught Me

My mother learned a great deal of home medicine from her favorite aunt growing up. My grandmother was a career woman and my great-aunt helped raise my mother. Luckily, my mother has passed down a great deal of this knowledge to me, some of which I’m told actually came from my great-grandmother. The best chronic …

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