Nov 08 2013

What Are Chronic BV Causes

Chronic BV is when BV infections keep recurring, even after they’ve been treated at home or by a general doctor or gynecologist. The full answer to the question, “What are chronic BV causes?” may surprise you because often times chronic BV is caused by the very medicine used to treat BV infections!

Antibiotics like clindamycin and metronidazole cause chronic BV by wiping out so much of the natural good bacteria in the vagina. Clindamycin is worse at this than metronidazole but the natural vaginal flora takes a big hit when a full course of either of these antibiotics are taken. What makes things even worse is the fact that both of these BV antibiotics leave behind a substantial number of antibiotic resistant forms of BV bacteria to rebuild and prosper without the fill complement of natural good bacteria being there to prevent them from doing so. Also, decimating the good bacteria like they do, the vaginal pH rises even more out of the normal range, setting up conditions for the BV bacteria to really take over as the dominant bacteria in the vagina. Essentially, taking these BV antibiotics creates the perfect storm for BV infections to set in.

Some home remedies for BV and over the counter remedies for BV also decimate the good bacteria that live in the vagina. This sets off a never ending cycle of recurring chronic BV infections. Examples of these include boric acid and povidone-iodine (Betadine). These are both harsh chemicals and they are not at all selective about which bacteria they kill so they kill both the good and bad bacteria simultaneously.

Other chronic BV causes pertain to how you are being exposed to the BV bacteria in the first place. You can’t prevent ALL exposure to BV bacteria but you can greatly reduce your exposure by identifying these causes and eliminating them.

Anything that allows water to run into and out of your vagina will wash away your good bacteria which could cause chronic BV. Old fashioned baths and jacuzzi tubs are notorious at washing away the good vaginal bacteria and at the same time introducing some new BV bacteria. Douching is a big no no because it very directly washes away the good bacteria. Swimming is also out if you have a tendency to get BV infections. Also, keep in mind that even a quick soak in the bath tub or a quick dip in the pool can cause chronic BV.

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